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  • Top 10 Misuses That Damage Centrifugal Pumps


    Centrifugal pumps play an important role in water supply systems as water delivery and pressurization devices. Water pumps often have some failures during use, and most of the failures are caused by improper use. We summarize the error summary during use.



    The API610 standard is currently internationally recognized as the most authoritative technical specification for the design and acceptance of pumps used in refineries. It is also widely used in China. Most petrochemical pumps in China are also designed and manufactured with reference to this standard.

  • Lithium power plant-Application of pneumatic diaphragm pump


    The customers of the lithium power plant came to our factory for inspection, and after returning, they replaced the pumps in the whole factory●

  • Precautions for the selection of chemical pumps


    Chemical centrifugal pumps rely on centrifugal principles to pump liquid materials. Chemical pumps are made of special materials and are suitable for pumping corrosive liquids from bottles, drums, tanks, pools or other containers.

  • Screw pump instructions


    t is strictly forbidden to run the screw pump dry when there is no liquid in the pump chamber.

  • What corrosive media can the anti-corrosion stainless steel magnetic pump withstand?


    Stainless steel magnetic pump has anti-corrosion performance. Stainless steel materials include 304, 316L, etc. These two materials are commonly used in stainless steel magnetic pumps. For the delivery of strong corrosive liquids, where is the limitation of the anti-corrosion performance of stainless steel?

  • How to run a sump pump properly?


    The submerged pump is suitable for long-term transportation of various corrosive media such as strong acids, alkalis, salts, and strong oxidants of any concentration. In the actual use process, you may encounter a series of problems.

  • Precautions for operation and use of centrifugal pumps


    When we use the centrifugal pump for the first time, what should we pay attention to? Here are some tips.

  • What are the advantages of high temperature magnetic pump? ?


    The high-temperature magnetic pump is a kind of non-contact torque transmission through a magnetic drive (magnetic coupling), so that the static seal replaces the dynamic seal

  • How to choose a chemical pump?


    Different environments, different media, different materials... It seems that it is not so simple to choose the right chemical pump. The wrong pump can damage the equipment at least, and cause accidents or even disasters at worst!

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