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IHF centrifugal chemical pump

IHF series pump is a horizontal, non-metallic chemical centrifugal pump, compliant with ISO ISO2858, DIN EN 22858.

Operating range
Flow: up to 400 m3/h, max 1761 GPM
Head: 80 m; 410 feet
Temperature: - 20 °C to +150 °C; -68 °F to +302 °F

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  • Application
  • Design Feature
  • Model and Parameter
  • Material of Construction
  • Installation Drawing


acid, alkali,

salt solution,

strong oxidant,

organic solvents,

corrosive slurries, solvents,

hydrocarbons and other strong corrosive medium,

ammonia water ion film caustic soda,

waste water 


Acid pickling process

Painting process  

Textile industry

Pharmacy and Health

Electroplating industry

Chlorine water and waste water treatment

Petroleum Industry

Chemical Industry

Adding acid process.

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