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CQB intubation stylet magnetic pump

For difficult-to-seal liquids
Small flow rate and low head
Operating Range:
Flow: 0.6-2.5m³/hr
Head: 1.5-10.5m
Temperature: -20 °C to +100 °C

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  • Application
  • Design Feature
  • Model and Parameter
  • Material of Construction
  • Installation Drawing


Corrosive, pure and contaminated media in the chemical;

Pharmaceutic and petrochemical industries;

In metal processing;

Waste water treatment;

When stainless steel is not sufficiently resistant;

Alternative to expensive haste alloy, titanium alloy pumps;

When anti-adhesive surfaces are important.

Pumping Liquid

Acid and caustic liquid

Oxidizer corrosive liquids

Difficult-to-seal liquids

Sulfuric acid

Hydroelectric acid

Nitric acid

Acid and lye

Nitromuriatic acid

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